The independent and autonomous in-house Laboratory, operating according to the UNI EN ISO /IEC 17025 standard, daily carries out analysis for the systematic monitoring of the galvanic process and testing on particular products, in compliance with the specifications of vehicle manufacturers.

It has been an accredited laboratory by ACCREDIA since 18.11.2010, and is currently the only one in Italy accredited for:

  • Measuring thickness. Coulometric method (Chrome thickness 0.2-2 µm, Nickel thickness 5-30 µm, Copper thickness 3-50 µm) according to UNI EN ISO 2177:2004.
  • Step test (0-200 mV) (power difference) according to ASTM-B764-04(2014).

The updated list and all the accredited tests are directly available at the following Link.

Accreditation is based on the technical competency of the laboratory in carrying out specific tests or determining types of tests and assessing the quality system of the laboratory. Accredia accreditation exclusively regards the tests and does not imply the certification of the products on which the tests are carried out.

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